1 Boy, 3 Girls, eyes are opened, ready to go around New Year's. Started solids to ease into weaning slowly, they seem to like the mush.

Mom has green eyes, Dad has blue. Both are Lilac (also known as silver or khaki but the approved hound colour is Lilac). Pups were born with silver velvet fur and are showing more fawn in their coats now. You can see the mama in the last picture, more fawn and gray and white. The pups will develop into this pattern, losing much of the silver/gray.

Smaller size parents, one girl and the one remaining boy are going to be really small--see second face shot compared to first (I'm guessing smaller than 16 pounds). The other girls and other boy are likely to be in the 16-20 pound range like their parents.

Growing well, dewormed twice already.

Pups will have their vet check on Monday, Dec. 19. I will NOT be doing first needles and have therefore dropped the price.

I am leaving the province and will be moving for good on/about Dec. 31 (possibly Jan 6, depends on weather and truck rental). Any puppies not claimed by then will come with us.

The puppies can stay with their littermates until 8 weeks old, but by then they will be weaned and not need mamma anymore. They do benefit from being with each other in the litter until 8 weeks. Pick up will be in Lockeport with possibility of meeting up in Bridgewater for a small fee for gas.